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Intern Highlight

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Cole Siemasko MS, BS
utrition Student
Candidate for Certified Nutrition Specialist  Candidate for North Carolina Nutrition License

Cole Siemasko finished his Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health in 2023 and his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2021. Cole entered the field after struggling to find resolve in the medical field for his genetic disorders involving impaired digestion, muscular issues, and hyperhidrosis. He turned to alternative medicine where he found successful treatment through personalized nutrition, dietary changes, and supplements.

Through his master’s program, Cole discovered his love of cooking and his talent for developing recipes. He looks forward to sharing this passion with his clients to help them heal through meals at home, positive lifestyle changes, and meaningful supplementation.

Cole is currently living in Charlotte, NC and enjoys being outdoors whenever he can. When he’s not out running in the city or out backpacking in the blue ridge mountains, you can find him jumping out of airplanes for fun.

Abigail Gross MS
Nutrition Student
Candidate for Certified Nutrition Specialist  Candidate for North Carolina Nutrition License 

I’m Abigail Gross and I use functional nutrition to optimize my clients’ health. Functional nutrition takes a holistic view of the body. It allows me to listen for the whispers of imbalance before they grow into disordered health. Functional nutrition applies both nutrition and lifestyle support to address root causes and promote well-being. I assess not only diet but also stress level, physical activity, and environment to give recommendations on how to optimize your health and performance. 


After losing my mother to cancer much too early, I decided to take a break from my 20-year technology career and pursue my graduate degree in nutrition. I’ve been able to leverage skills gained in my professional experience and apply them to my client care. I’ve experienced and witnessed that women can be underserved in the health sector. In hindsight, I dearly wish I would have had my current knowledge to support my own mother. I want to listen to women and advocate for them before symptoms compound into disease.


Pursuing health in our current landscape of industrialized food and convenience culture has become confusing to figure out. My mission is to help you adopt health-promoting practices, support your biochemical individuality, and facilitate thriving. 


What you can expect:

  • I take time to listen to you. 

  • I analyze your recent labs from a narrower functional medicine range for prevention and optimization. 

  • I order functional labs to gain further insights into root issues. 

  • I incorporate the most recent evidence-based research into your care.

  • I create a personalized plan that introduces change at a pace that makes sense for you.

Let’s partner together and increase your flourishing today.  

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